Translator and Interpreter for Arabic and German

  • Sworn interpreter for Arabic and German at court; conference interpreter
  • Working independently for multiple institutions and governmental offices
  • Former Member of the Examination Board for Translators in the Staatliches Prüfungsamt für Übersetzer in Berlin
  • Lecturer for Arabic-German translation at the University of Sanaa (Yemen; 2000) and at the School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies (Fachbereich Angewandte Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft [FASK]) in Germersheim (2005)
  • Published articles on interpreting and translating; numerous published translations in books and magazines
  • Studies abroad in Cairo and Damascus. Long-term field studies in Yemen
  • Fields of Expertise: Law, documents, politics, social sciences, arts and literature, tourism, marketing
  • Translation and simultaneous interpreting fluently in both languages
  • First-class references; interpreting on a regular basis for the German government

CONTACT: Tel. +49-(0)175-625 2828   E-Mail: orth@targama.de